Septimus Creek Wind Power Project

Map of BC showing relative location of Septimus Creek

Map showing Septimus Creek wind Project

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The Septimus Creek Wind Generation Power Project is a ZED initiative to construct and operate a 15 Megawatt (MW), 5 turbine wind power generation project in British Columbia’s Peace River region.  ZED has developed the project in order to supply clean, renewable, greenhouse gas-free power to BC Hydro.

All permits are in place and BCH has awarded ZED a 40 year EPA. Construction will start in Fall 2017 and will take approximately fourteen months, during which an estimated 15 to 80 opportunities for contract employment will be created.  The project is expected to operate for 40 years, creating an estimated 10 full-time and part-time jobs for operations and maintenance.

Located approximately 25 km southwest of Taylor, BC, the Septimus Creek Wind Power Project (SCWPP) will supply enough electricity to power approximately 2,500 homes.

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