Landowner Partnership

Community development is at our heart

As ZED continues to develop existing and new renewable energy projects, we are looking for property owners and communities interested in partnering with us.

It is with our link to smaller communities and our desire to be partners in their local development which sets ZED apart from the rest. By definition, partnership is about equality, giving and receiving on both sides.

Project development can be beneficial to landowners in many ways: Wind projects contribute to the development of alternative renewable energy with no greenhouse gas emissions. Land use agreements can provide landowners with a stable income for a generation or more, and taxation of the project provides income to provincial and municipal governments, benefiting spending on infrastructure and services.

Landowners hosting wind turbines typically retain use of 99% of the land — the footprint of wind generation is very small. Farmland and wind energy development make ideal partnerships, but other properties may be particularly well suited also.

ZED is currently exploring possibilities for wind project development in British Columbia, Canada.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of a landowner partnership, contact ZED.

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