Zero Emission Energy Developments – ZED

View of Pennask wind power project

Pennask 15MW project, Thompson Okanagan, BC

Your community partner for renewable power development

Renewable energy is a key source of power which is environmentally friendly and affordable. It is the fastest growing source of electricity generation in North America. It is sustainable electricity generation that does not deplete the earth’s finite natural resources. Wind energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity has become an integral part of our society in every community. ZED understands the great potential for developing renewable energy power generation projects in Canada. Across the continent, ZED, along with its partners, has the expertise and resources to develop renewable energy in your community.

ZED is a Vancouver, British Columbia based renewable energy company, established to develop 15 to 100 Megawatt wind power generation plants. In total, ZED has a platform capable of developing in excess of 1,800 MW. Its top 5 sites have a total capacity of 400 MW, for a total capital commitment of $1.12 billion. With the assistance of internationally renowned Engineering, Environmental and Consulting firms ZED has focused its operations on identifying, researching and acquiring the very best wind farm sites in strategic locations throughout B.C. ZED is a majority-owned subsidiary of Anemos Energy Corporation of Hamilton, Ontario.

Whether you are an investor looking for a medium risk capital investment opportunity, a landowner interested in becoming a renewable energy project development partner with us, or a concerned citizen wanting to know more about wind power in Canada or the United States, please take the time to find out more.

Let us help you. We think ZED is a good fit for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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